3.01 – 3.04
  • Several bugfixes that could not wait for a major release.
  • Major under-the-hood changes.
  • UI-changes.
  • Added more database tools.
    • User can now export and import databases.
    • User can now reset the database.
    • Easily update the BuiltIn! database.
  • User can now modify more of the data stored about each drug.
  • 3.01 – 3.03 The usual bug fixes.
  • Fixed application crash when rotating unit and displaying medictions.
  • Changed how user doses are dislpayed.
  • Usual bug fixes.
  • Removed bug regarding total dose given when userdoses are displayed.
  • Fixed Mannitol dosing in Emergency screen. Showed total amount in gram, not ml.
  • Enhanced the medication list with infusions. Faster creation and it is now possible to list medications alphabetically with infusions. See settings!
  • Changed how UserDoses are shown.
  • Changed the Preference screen a little bit.
  • Usual bug fixes.
  • Fixed missing response and changed behaviour when tapping in medication list.
  • Some modification to Emergency screen to increase readability.
  • Added option for userdoses to show total dose. This is best on large screens / pads! See settings
  • Added some medications to and changed Emergency screen a little bit
  • Tools now accessible from optional tab. Not activated by default. See settings!
  • Database changes!
  • Share-options fixed. Please share this app with your colleagues!
  • Feedback /request option. Send an e-mail with feedback or requests to TomyLabs! E-mail addresses will NOT be given to third party!
  • The usual bug fixes
Version 2.421
The usual bug fixes almost immediately after an release! Sorry for this!
Version 2.42
  • Introducing two new Tools. Apgar and FLACC!
  • Another bug fix related to updating the Builtin! database!
Version 2.411
Bug fix related to updating the Builtin! database!/dd>

Version 2.41
Added the possibility to mark time and values when evaluating GCS!
Version 2.401
The reminder about updating the BuiltIn! database was suppose to come once a month. Not every time AneIV was restarted! Bug removed!
Versions 2.4
  • Added the tool Glasgow Come Scale
  • Added the possibility to specify 2, 3 or 4 mL per kilo per %burn in the Burn-tool
  • Several under the hood changes.
Versions 2.232
More bugfixes regarding the medication list and the individual dose lists.
Versions 2.231
Corrected some typos in the Respiratory Tool related to units regarding cardiac outout, CaO2 and CvO2.
Versions 2.23
Corrected the Cardiac Output result in the Respiratory tool.
Versions 2.22 – 2.221
More bugfixes and some new entries in the emergency screen.
Version 2.21
The usual bugfixes.
Version 2.2 and 2.201
Several under-the-hood changes in addition to some chages to the userinterface.

  • Emergency-screen is yet again slightly modified
  • More settings / options
  • Usual bugfixes!
Version 2 – 2.02
The app is released as a new app. This means versions prior to 2 is discontinued.

  • New userinterface
  • Emergencyscreen modified
  • Ability to change how medications are shown in the meds-tab
Version 1.31
Some changes to the userinterface. AneIV Lite now has unlimited infusions and favorites!
Version 1.3
Some changes to the userinterface. Added two more tools, unit conversion and respiratory calculations. And of course bugfixes. In Settings, the number of digits specified wasn’t the number of digits shown. There was always two digits. Added one more weight-type, Lean Body Weight (LBW). Added a more elaborate equipmentguide when dealing with pediatrics (age = 0). Favorites now remembers the infusionrates that are supplied!
Version 1.21
Minor bugfixes and UI-changes as usual. More elaborat helpsection! Emergency-calculation uses weights specified in Patient-tab and Settings!
User can now specify weightlimits when using the Parkland forumla(Full version) and maintenancefluid for children. See Settings.
Version 1.2
Minor bugfixes (as usual). For instance the New PAtient button did not reset all patientdata.
Added Tool(s). First tool is the Parkland burn forumula!
Version 1.101
An user reported some error regarding numerical operations. This is now corrected.
Version 1.1
The first major-minor update of AneIV. Some features of the userinterface has changed. For instance initials are no longer possible to enter. There was no actual use of this feautre. Yet. It is now possible to create your own lists to use with AneIV! This is only possible in the full (paid) version. See this page for more deatils.
Version 1.03
AneIV crashed after last update. This was due to some irregularities in the layouts that only came into plat when AneIV was downloaded from Google Play.
Version 1.02
Bugs keep on pouring. Fix them as they are identified.
Version 1.01
Fixed some bugs that was reported. Added a sharebutton so that users could share AneIV to others. Added changes-screen that pops up when AneIV is started after an update.
Version 1
First release of AneIV!

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