Here are all Tabs and features in our Anestheisa app listed with description:


The Patient tab
The user supply gender, age, weight and height and AneIV will calculate Body Mass Index (BMI), Leady Body Weight (LBW), Ideal Body Weight (IBW) and Adjusted Dosing Weight (ADW) for adults and estimated weight for children.

If all variables are supplied by the user, AneIV also calculates Body Square Area, BSA.

Units supported are kilograms and pound regarding weight, centimeters, feet and inches regarding height and years, months, days or premature regarding age.

Throughout AneIV weight is converted to kilograms and height to centimeters.

OR (Operation) – tab
With some variables supplied by the user, AneIV calculates fluidloss and how to replace this during surgery.

Estimated bloodvolume and 10, 20 and 30% loss of estimated bloodvolume is also listed.
Maintenancefluid for children during surgery get calculated depending on method specified in settings. See references for explanation about methods.

Medications tab
AneIV has a list of medications and will calculate doses based on weight. By default, all medications uses TBW, total body weight, to calculate dose. This can be changed for each medication and age group.

See help under this tab for further explanation.

Users can update the medication list by updating Builtin! list in settings.

Infusions tab
Users can list ongoing infusions for a patient. Calculates dose per Kilogram per time unit depending on drug.

See help under this tab for further explanation.

Airway tab
Based on weight and age, AneIV supplies airway equipment to use!

In addition, based on age and weight, AneIV presents some basic and normal vital signs.

Favorites tab
All your favoirtes!


Emergency button
AneIV has an emergency-button in the Patient-tab. Pressing this button will show a dialog window where AneIV presents common emergency medications and airway equipment.

Parkland and Galveston burn formula

With this tool, you can calculate how much fluids a patient that has been burned needs. This is the fluid replacements the first 24 hours after the incident. User supply procentage burn, hours since incidence and fluid already administered. AneIV will calculate how much fluid should be administered the first 8 hours (depending on hours since incident and fluid already administered) and how much fluid to administer the next 16 hours.

The only value this calculator actually needs is percentage burn. Hours since incident and fluid already administered can be used to adjust fluid amount the first eight hours after the incident.

The Galveston burn formula is used on children below 5 years old. This among other settings can be changed in the menu option Settings.

Unit conversion (Pressure)

Supply a value and specify type of pressure and AneIV will show the corresponding values in the other pressures known to AneIV.

Pressures knwon to AneIV are : Pa, kPa, Bar, Standard Atmospehere, Technical Atmospehere, mmHg, cmHg, Torr, mH2O, cmH2O.


If the user supply the needed values, AneIV calculates measured A-a gradient, arterial oxygen content and mixed venous oxygen content. Cardiac output also can be calculated depending on supplied values.


Helps the user assess at patients GCS. Tool has the ability to assess patients from the age of 0 Рzero Рyears.

A test designed to quickly evaluate a newborn’s physical condition and to see if there’s an immediate need for extra medical or emergency care.

This tools can help the user to assess the pain for children between the ages of 2 months and 7 years or individuals that are unable to communicate their pain.

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