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New version released!

AneIV version 3.0 has been released!

  • Ringer Acetat and Sodium Chloride has been removed from the medication list!
  • Major under-the-hood changes!
  • Added more database tools!
  • User can now edit/change more of the information stored about each drug!
  • Modified some of the tools!
  • Usual bugfixes!

Ringer Acetate and Sodium Chloride was removed and is planned to be replaced by a generic “fluid” drug in upcoming versions.

In earlier versions we had to lists on our servers, BuiltIn! and AllMeds. Now these are the same and is called BuiltIn!. This means that when you update BuiltIn! you get all medications known to AneIV!

There are now two icons on the top of the screen, a question mark and an i. Both with a circle around them. If you press this, you get a dialog with help text related to the actice tab or extra information if available. In version 3.0 there are only extra information available in the tabs Meds, Infusion and Favs.

Regarding the database tools, the user can now

Export to file
This feature makes it possible to share user modified medication lists with colleagues. Files exported from AneIV will have a name based on date and time and an unique list identification, id. For example a file exported with id 100001 at 14:47 with the date 29.05.2017, will be named AneIV_id_100001_2017_05_29_14_37.xml. Lists that users export needs to have an id above or equal to 100000. Unique identifications below this number can only be downloaded from our servers.

TomyLabs can make lists that needs to be distributed to many users accessible from out site! Please contact us!

Import file
Import file the user has created or import a colleagues file. If you import a file that has the same id as one of the lists that already exists in AneIV, it will be overwritten.
Hidden drugs
The user can now hide drugs from a list. This means that these drugs will not be shown when viewing the medication list. If you choose this option in the database menu, you can unhide drugs so that the appear again in the list.
Delete list!
This deletes the selected lists(s). If the the active list is deleted, it will still be shown until you force a reload!
Delete the database!
This deletes the database. Everyting is wiped and you need to reimport a medication list or update BuiltIn! from web!

New version released

AneIV version 2.435 was released followed by the release of version and 2.436!

The reason for the quick update of AneIV was a bug related to how user doses was displayed and especially total dose.

  • Fixed Mannitol dosing in Emergency screen. Showed total amount in gram, not ml.
  • Enhanced the medication list with infusions. Faster creation and it is now possible to list medications alphabetically with infusions. See settings!
  • Changed how UserDoses are shown.
  • Removed bug regarding total dose given when userdoses are displayed.
  • Changed the Preference screen a little bit.
  • Usual bug fixes.

New version released

AneIV version 2.43 has been released!

  • Added option for userdoses to show total dose. This is best on large screens / pads! See settings
  • Added some medications to and changed Emergency screen a little bit
  • Tools now accessible from optional tab. Not activated by default. See settings!
  • Database changes!
  • Share-options fixed. Please share this app with your colleagues!
  • Feedback /request option. Send an e-mail with feedback or requests to TomyLabs! E-mail addresses will NOT be given to third party!
  • The usual bug fixes