AneIV version 2.0

We have been working on a huge upgrade of AneIV and AneIV Lite!

Due to harddrive crash and non existing backup sollutions, AneIV has to be republished! (Always backup and always keep your keystore-password stored multiple places!!!)

This means our users have to uninstall their old version of AneIV and reinstall the new one. The few users who have installed the full version, gets refunded! Please consider buying the new AneIV full version!

There has many been-under-the-hood changes aswell as changes to the userinterface. For a full list of feastures, see this page.

The usersinterface has been totally changed. AneIV uses AppCompat suppportlibrary to give users of android 2.1 and above the same experience and functionallity. For instance the user can now choose what tabs to view and for users of AneIV full version, a new tab is introduced; Tools.
We have added support for U.S units when supplying patientdata and we have added support for patient ages from premature to adult when it comes to calculating vital signs and what equipment to use.
The user can now somewhat modify the views of the Meds and Favorites tabs. In addition the user can specify what weight to use on what drug at what age.

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